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PVC Pet Sheets and parts - 1955

Pvc cover A0 for Rollerbase UYUP081030
Poster snap hanger steel UYAA011000
V hanger for click lists UYAA011010
U wire for snap frame 130 mm UYUP057000
Corner connector 15 mm UYUP025200
Corner connector 20-25-26 mm UYUP024000
Connecting angle 46 mm profile UYUP025600
Springs for 26 mm profile UYUP110000
Springs for 20 mm profile UYUP030000
Springs for 25 mm profile UYUP031000
Springs for 32 mm profile UYUP032000
Springs for 42-46 mm profile UYUP350000
Springs for 15 mm profile UYUP032500
Springs for 30 mm profile UYUP310000
Spring for 45 mm profile UYUP361000
Lock for presentation board UYUP427500