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LED drivers 0374

LED drivers Meanwell in different performance ranges available for driving LED modules.

Transformer 100W / 24V LED-T100-24
Trafo 20w-12dc voltage LPV-20-12
Trafo 20w-24dc voltage LPV-20-24
Trafo 60w-12dc voltage LPV-60-12
Trafo 60w-24dc voltage LPV-60-24
Trafo 35w-12dc voltage LPV-35-12
Trafo 35w-24dc voltage LPV-35-24
Trafo 100w-12dc voltage LPV-100-12
Trafo 100w-24dc voltage LPV-100-24
Trafo 150w-24dc voltage LPV-150-24
Trafo 150w-12dc voltage LPV-150-12
Trafo 16w-12dc voltage LPF-16-12
Trafo 16w-24dc voltage LPF-16-24
Trafo 25w-12dc voltage LPF-25-12
Trafo 25w-12dc voltage LPF-25-12D
Trafo 25w-24dc voltage LPF-25-24
Trafo 40w-12dc voltage LPF-40-12
Trafo 40w-24dc voltage LPF-40-24
Trafo 60w-12dc voltage LPF-60-12
Trafo 60w-24dc voltage LPF-60-24
Transformer 120w / 12 dc voltage HLG-120H-12
Transformer 120w / 24 dc voltage HLG-120H-24
Transformer 150w / 12 dc voltage HLG-150H-12
Transformer 150w / 24 dc voltage HLG-150H-24
Transformer 185w / 12 dc voltage HLG-185H-12
Transformer 185w / 24 dc voltage HLG-185H-24
Transformer 240w / 12 dc voltage HLG-240H-12
Transformer 240w / 24 dc voltage HLG-240H-24
Transformer 320w / 24 dc voltage HLG-320H-24
Transformer 320w / 12 dc voltage HLG-320H-12
Transformer 600w / 12 dc voltage HLG-600H-12
Transformer 600w / 24 dc voltage HLG-600H-24