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Panset presentation walls - 1020

Panset exhibition is a portable and friendly assembled panel construction. The durable framework of panset can be positioned between 0-360º The framework of the construction can be easily unassembled to permit a quick change of the panel inside. Application of the inner panels: Open the top profiles by using an allen key. Take out the unprinted panels. After the application of the printings on the panels, slide them in to the construction throug the channels on both sides. Fix the top profiles in the side channels as shown in the photo. Use the allen key to firm the positioning of profiles. Repeat the same process for al the panels. 

Very suitable as temporary partition wall. Available in 3 different sizes.

Total height of the wall is 2300 mm.
Sheet material: 4 mm foamed PVC.
Suitable for lettering or screen printing.
Panels are easy to change.