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Pipe couplings 42 mm - 0504

Elbow 90 degree 42.3 mm C02-42
Short T-part 42 mm C03-42
Long T-part 42 mm C04-42
Foot- wallplate 42 mm C11-42
Footplate high 42 mm C12-42
Spacer 42 mm C13-42
Holder 42 mm C15-42
Distance holder 42 mm C16-42
Groundpot 42 mm C17-42
Wallclamp 42 mm C18-42
Hingepart m (male) 42 mm C35-42
Open t-part 42 mm C41-42
Brace clamp 2-leg 42 mm C45-42
Wall brace clamp 42 mm C46-42
Brace clamp 3-leg 42 mm C47-42
Cross clamp hinged 42.2 mm C137-42
Two-way hinge bush 42.2 mm C125-42