Banner tensioner with hook - 0516

Cloth tensioner with hook 10 and 25 cm. Available in two colors. Elastic is made of natural rubber and consists of a solid core. There are also 15 cm tensioners, especially for i-Truss.

Elastic Spinner basic Black 150 mm SPAN15BASIC-Z
Elastic Spinner basic Black 200 mm SPAN20BASIC-Z SPAN206-Z
SpanFix 170 mm White Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-17-W
SpanFix 170 mm Black Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-17-Z
SpanFix 200 mm White Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-20-W
SpanFix 200 mm Black Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-20-Z
SpanFix 250 mm White Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-25-W
SpanFix 250 mm Black Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-25-Z
Mini tensioner Black Ø 4 mm SPAN-4M-12
SpanFix 300 mm White Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-30-W
SpanFix 300 mm Black Ø 4 mm SPAN-4-30-Z T-FIX-6-20-A
Elastic Spinner basic Black 250 mm SPAN25BASIC-Z