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Slide-in presentation frame - 1147

Spring part pipe IY-VP-30
Magnet part vertical IY-MV
Magnet part horizontal IY-MH
Magnet part swinging IY-MSF
Vine hook IY-OHH
Vine hoop IY-OHO
To fasten frame part IY-FP-02
Frame leg IY-LTR
Plastic circle base white IY-LRD-03
Plastic circle base grey IY-LRD-02
Plastic circle base black IY-LRD-01
Plastic circle base red IY-LRD-04
Plastic circle base orange IY-LRD-05
Plastic circle base blue IY-LRD-06
Plastic circle base yellow IY-LRD-07
Plastic circle base green IY-LRD-08
Latch part transparant IY-KLM-00
Latch part white IY-KLM-03
Latch part grey IY-KLM-02
Latch part black IY-KLM-01
Latch part yellow IY-KLM-07
Latch part orange IY-KLM-05
Latch part red IY-KLM-04
Latch part blue IY-KLM-06
Latch part green IY-KLM-08
Feet 8 sided octagonal black IY-LHE-01
Plastic leg (hexagon) grey IY-LHE-02
Plastic leg (hexagon) white IY-LHE-03
Plastic leg (hexagon) red IY-LHE-04
Plastic leg (hexagon) orange IY-LHE-05
Plastic leg hexagon blue IY-LHE-06
Plastic leg (hexagon) yellow IY-LHE-07
Plastic leg (hexagon) green IY-LHE-08
Plastic foot 1 side wave white IY-LDF-ST-03
Plastic foot 1 side wave grey IY-LDF-ST-02
Plastic foot 1 side wave black IY-LDF-ST-01
Plastic foot 1 side wave yellow IY-LDF-ST-07
Plastic foot 1 side wave orange IY-LDF-ST-05
Plastic foot 1 side wave red IY-LDF-ST-04
Plastic foot 1 side wave blue IY-LDF-ST-06
Plastic foot 1 side wave green IY-LDF-ST-08
Pencil set quad IY-PSQ