Easy swap - 0971

It is an economical and easy-to-use product. You just can put in your PVC foam poster with 5 to 10mm thickness and adjust the nut of fixing from the bottom part of the aluminium box. It can be used in all indoor areas such as schools, seminars, restaurant chains, showrooms, exhibition areas, malls and everywhere else.

Foot for plates 600 or 800 mm wide Silver anodised aluminium Plastic corner pieces

Easy swap 600 mm Easy swap 600 mm Easy swap 600 mm Easy swap 600 mm Easy swap 600 mm

Economic and practical sign system. Your 5 to 10 mm thick foamed PVC sheet material is placed in the clamping system. Then tighten the knob on the underside of the base so that the clamps in the housing press against the plate. Exclusive advertising plate. The Easy Swap is 200 mm wide and because of that the Easy Swap can be maximized burdened with a 1.20 mtrs high board. Bigger size boards cause insufficient stability, especially outside, because of which the Easy Swap will fall down instantly. We advise a maximum 1 mtrs high board to use and place the Easy Swap out of the wind.

600 mm

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