LED modules 0370

Spotlight with 500W halogen lamp. Ideal for illuminating advertising and for use in the workshop or on site. Loose halogen lamps and telescopic arm available.

LED module white 2x DUX12-W2
LED module warm white 2x DUX12-WW2
LED module yellow 2x DUX12-Y2
LED module green 2x DUX12-G2
LED module blue 2x DUX12-B2
LED module red 2x DUX12-R2
LED module white 3x DUX12-W3
LED module warm white 3x DUX12-WW3
LED module yellow 3x DUX12-Y3
LED module blue 3x DUX12-G3
LED module blue 3x DUX12-B3
LED module blue 3x DUX12-R3
LED module white 2x mini DUX12-W2-K
LED module warm white 2x mini DUX12-WW2-K
LED module yellow 2x mini DUX12-Y2-K
LED module green 2x mini DUX12-G2-K
LED module blue 2x mini DUX12-B2-K
LED module red 2x mini DUX12-R2-K
LED module RGB 3x DUX12-RGB3
5 leds color white waterproof DUX12B-W-L5
27 led rigid strip DUX12SH-W-L27
Smd 750mm x 15mm DUX12SH-W-L45
Smd 1000mm x 15mm DUX12SH-W-L60
Smd 1200mm x 15mm DUX12SH-W-L72
Smd 1500mm x 15mm DUX12SH-W-L90
Tetra edge strip 7100K LED-334352
LED module white 5x DUX12-W5
Remote control for RGB LED-0344
Connector light strip duxoled DUX-CON-001
Power strip connector chrome DUX-CON-002