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Crown Truss - 1001

Crown Truss is specially designed for the display and stand and manufactured with the utmost care and quality. The unique system allows you to perform any design.

Showroom kit ART-1593
Single banner model 763 ART-1763
Wall banner model 766 ART-1766
Triple banner model 765 ART-1765
Corner banner model 764 ART-1764
L-shape 3x3 model 768 ART-1768
L-shape 4x4 model 770 ART-1770
L-shape 5x5 model 772 ART-1772
L-shape 4x5 model 774 ART-1774
U-shape 3x3 model 769 ART-1769
U-shape 4x4 model 771 ART-1771
U-shape 5x5 model 773 ART-1773
U-shape 4x6 model 775 ART-1775
Tower model 767 ART-1767
Trolley kit ART-1592
Crown Truss rubber ring ART-1698
Crown Truss wing nut screws ART-1699
Crown truss top clip ART-1540
Crown truss bottom clip ART-1541
Screwdriver Bosch ixo ART-1590