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3M Knifeless self-adhesive tape with cutting wire, TriLine - 1703

3M Knifeless self-adhesive tape with cutting wire, TriLine


3M TriLine Knifeless Tape cuts self-adhesive foil without a knife!

3M TriLine Knifeless Tape is extremely suitable for cutting contours and can be processed particularly smoothly.

Suitable for large surface contours, striping and desing accents.

The 3M Knifeless Tapes are a guarantee for paint damage working freely on (expensive) vehicles. With the flexible cutting line, the foil can be cut very precisely and easily by pulling the cutting wire through the foil and then removing the unwanted foil: Never again with uneven cutting in the paint.

  • Make striping, accents and designs instead of using a knife or plotter.
  • Stretches something and turns easily in any direction.
  • Best option for very short turns.
  • Tape can be torn by hand for faster application.
  • For single-layer vinyl applications.
6 mm
50 m

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