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Wood Base Clear Protection 1000X420 Dark Wood - 0222

Wood Base Clear Protection 1000X420 Dark Wood
MT Reklam

Made of clear acrylic and beech wood, Wood Base Clear Protection is a non-marring attachment solution in retail environments. It protects people from any gem or virus transmission to close working environment. This clear protection stand is stable on the counter and practical with speaker holes as well as product, credit card or money slot.

Clear Hygienic Separator helps you to protect from unwanted contamination from airborne viruses, bacteria and germs that could be caused by coughing or sneezing. It helps you to keep your distance with customers or other workers and colleagues. The wooden base gives the product an elegant and classic look. This item is made of wood. Because of the natural differences in wood, no two items will look the same. It will have its unique appearance and wood-grain.

Just insert the clear panel into wood base. It is ready for use.

420 mm
1000 mm
MT Reklam

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