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Edge clamp kit Edge clamp kit Edge clamp kit Edge clamp kit

Removable Edge Clamp Kit is designed to create a barrier in the front of a table, desk, counter or cashier. It fits table or desktop from 6 mm to 40 mm thick. To avoid any damages to the desk, it is sported with black soft pads (EVA) where it touches to the table. It can hold panels min. 2 mm and max. 8 mm.

Partitions can be easily removed and relocated. With two edge mounting clamps, clamp position on the table or on panel is adjustable. Edge Clamp Kit is easy to install, making it easy to attach on a table or desk. It requires no drilling, easily attached to the table with stylish black knob.

These partitions allow for a personal workstation for each person. Each divider panel acts as a moveable barrier to provide separate space and block distractions as well as guarding unwanted germs, viruses or so.

Edge Clamp Kit and Divider panels are suitable for a variety of office styles, helping to reduce workplace disturbances and creating private workstations. Moreover it works well for offices, cashiers, medical facilities, call centres and education and testing centres.

Clamps are sold per set.


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