Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

72 Spacers you can glue on DiBond with ISR Kit 70-01. Surface cleaning with Prep M. Drying time approx. 36 hours. 20 mm 25 mm Spacers for letters are unique plastic spacers for confirming letters to the wall or façade. They are UV resistant and of high quality. SPACERS FOR LETTERS SPACERS ARTICLE UYUP449100 UYUP44900 DESCRIPTION SPACER 20 mm SPACER 25 mm Flag, Bizonyl with adhesive or screw bare flag holder. Pole length: 700 mm. COMBI FLAG Window banner made entirely of plastic, suction cup with pole. Bracket length: 370 mm. Total length: 510 mm. By its sophisticated design, the window banner has an extra support to ensure that it hangs stable at the window. Supplied without banner/flag. WINDOW BANNER Unique advertising article for a smooth surface, such as glass, Trespa etc. Ideal for shop offers, decoration of malls etc. Suction Cup diameter: 100 mm. Completely galvanized. Pole diameter: 19 mm. Pole length: 700 mm, including button, all PVC. Material: bizonyl flag. Advertising size: height 380-460 mm, width 400 mm. WINDOW SIGN FLAG + HOLDER COMBI FLAG ARTICLE VLAGWIN VLAGH19 DESCRIPTION Flag with pole, 480 x 400 x 400 mm Flagpole holder with adhesive pvc COMBI FLAG ARTICLE WINDOWSIGN VLAGWIN ZUIGWIN DESCRIPTION Complete Flag with stick, 480 x 400 x 400 mm Suction cup WINDOW BANNER ARTICLE BPF145 DESCRIPTION WINDOW BANNER