Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

54 Smart and elegant iPad stands are suitable for iPad2, 3, 4 and Air generations. All are adjustable to portrait and landscape positioning. Tablet is secure in starkey locked holder. 3m long USB cable is included in the kiosks for your comfortable use. KIOSKS FOR iPAD Base steel 440x350mm MATERIAL : ABS& Aluminium & Steel Lockable iPad Stand ARTICLE TLLP125001 DESCRIPTION Black Case lockable Height adjustable 700mm- 1100mm Fixing holes MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium Flexible Kiosk ARTICLE UPDF0N0W00 UPDF0N0B00 UPDF0N1W00 UPDF0N1B00 DESCRIPTION Adjustable Height /White Adjustable Height / Black Fixed Height /White Fixed Height / Black HEIGHT MAX. 1095 mm 1095 mm - - HEIGHT MİN. 785 mm 785 mm - - White cover Landscape & Portrait lock Height adjusting 90º 75º 60º 45º 30º 15º 0 Adjustable Height Black cover UYPPD0000 Lightining to 30-pin adapter. Packed by 10 pcs. You can use all type of Kiosk for iPad 4 too. TZZZ998701 Cable lock kit for iPad 2100mm. in & out adjustable base MATERIAL : Silver & Black anodised aluminium Novel Kiosk ARTICLE UPDN0N0W00 UPDN0N0B00 DESCRIPTION White Black ARTICLE UPDNWN0W00 UPDNWN0B00 UPDNFN0W00 UPDNFN0B00 MATERIAL : Silver & Black anodised aluminium Novel Kiosk for Wall & Freestanding DESCRIPTION forWall /White forWall / Black for Freestanding /White for Freestanding / Black MATERIAL : Silver & Black anodised aluminium Curved Kiosk ARTICLE UPDC0B0W00 UPDC0B0B00 DESCRIPTION White Black Black cover Cover Pads to protect ipad from stretches MATERIAL : Silver & Black anodised aluminium Desktop Kiosk ARTICLE UPDM0N0W00 UPDM0N0B00 DESCRIPTION White Black