HSF catalog 2018-2019

27 The aluminium A Boards are durable and stable pavement signs, that holds printed poster, menus and deals and helps to get noticed in various environments. This outdoor sign has an easy to use snap open, front loading profiles which allows for a quick change of the poster. We offer different profiles with different corner finishings; Mitred, round and safe. It is ready for use as requires no tool assembly. A BOARDS Header optional accessories Snap open Snap open MITRED ARTICLE UAB3250NA2 UAB3250NA1 UAB3251NA1 UAB3250NA0 UAB3250NB2 UAB3250NB1 UAB3250N23 UAB3250N34 ROUND ARTICLE UAB3200NA2 UAB3200NA1 UAB3201NA1 UAB3200NA0 UAB3200NB2 UAB3200NB1 UAB3200N23 UAB3200N34 SAFE CORNER UAB3210NA2 UAB3210NA1 UAB3211NA1 UAB3210NA0 UAB3210NB2 UAB3210NB1 UAB3210N23 UAB3210N34 POSTER 420 X 594 mm 594 X 841 mm 594 X 841 mm 841 X 1189 mm 500 X 700 mm 700 X 1000 mm 508 X 762 mm 762 X 1016 mm MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 32 mm profile A Board Also see with safe corner Header optional accessories Basket UYTS3000A4 Optional accessories Snap open 32 mm Profile 25 mm Profile Mill finished Mill finished Galvanised backing PS backing HEADER: 4 mm Plastech PVC Foam HEADER HOLDER ARTICLE UYFT0000A2 UYFT0000A1 UYFT0000A1 UYFT0000A0 UYFT0000B2 UYFT0000B1 UYFT000023 UYFT000034 ARTICLE UYTT0000A2 UYTT0000A1 UYTT0000A1 UYTT0000A0 UYTT0000B2 UYTT0000B1 UYTT000023 UYTT000034 F1 460 mm 640 mm 640 mm 890 mm 540 mm 740 mm 548 mm 802 mm X 405 mm 579 mm 579 mm 826 mm 485 mm 685 mm 493 mm 747 mm F2 382 mm 562 mm 562 mm 812 mm 462 mm 662 mm 470 mm 724 mm MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium Eco 32 mm MITRED UAB325HNA1 UAB325HNB2 UAB325HNB1 25 mm MITRED UAB255HNA1 UAB255HNB2 UAB255HNB1 32 mm ROUND UAB320HNA1 UAB320HNB2 UAB320HNB1 25 mm ROUND UAB250HNA1 UAB250HNB2 UAB250HNB1 SAFE CORNER UAB321HNA1 UAB321HNB2 UAB321HNB1 POSTER 594 X 841 mm 500 X 700 mm 700 X 1000 mm Header Header Holder Printing Area F1 F2 X 200 mm 220 mm 420 mm 206 mm Mitred corner Round corner Safe corner Corner Types Profile Type 25 mm 32 mm 35 mm 30 mm Holland Snap Frame BV | The Netherlands | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.com HOLLAND SNAP FRAME Sign & more Sig LLAND SNAP FR E